The Singapore International Photography Award (SIPA) is conferred to the participant who accumulated the most number of points from the various sections in this salon. In case of a tie, the exhibitor who won the most and with the highest position of awards shall be declared the recipient. The breakdown of points are as follows:

Achieving the Singapore International Photography Award is a demanding feat as the photographer should perform well in as many sections with as many awards and acceptances as possible, with stiff competition from photographers all over the world.

PSS Gold Medal 6 points
PSA Gold Medal 6 points
FIAP Gold Medal 6 points
FIAP Silver Medal 5 points
FIAP Bronze Medal 4 points
PSS Medal 3 points
FIAP Honor Mention 2 points
Acceptance 1 point

The top award winner this year is Hong Kong photographer Su Xing Fang, who scored 24 points with 2 PSA Gold Medals, 2 FIAP Honour Metions and 8 Acceptances in various Section.

FIAP Best Author Award

2 Singapore photographers scored 14 acceptances in various sections of SIPA 2014. David Tay Poey Cher appeared to be the winner of the FIAP Best Author Award as his score was higher and won one of the PSS Medal.