About Singapore International Photography Award (SIPA)

The first International Photographic Exhibition was organized by The Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS) in 1957 after it took over the event from the Singapore Arts Society. A year later, PSS held its first biennial Foto Fair in conjunction with the Salon. The Exhibition was later renamed as Singapore International Salon of Photography, or SIPA.

The SIP held annually and over the years, has witnessed the evolution of the various genres of photography, from the traditional darkroom techniques, such as solarisation, diazochrome, etc. to the present digital imaging techniques.

In 2000, the SIP was renamed as the Singapore International Salon of Creative Photography, and six years later it was known as Singapore International Photography Award (SIPA) till today.

The objective of the rebranding is to differentiate SIPA from the traditional international salons, while preserving the values it has inherited.

SIPA has also increased the number of sections to cater to photographers with different interests to showcase their works.